ARISE & SHINE is the main Motto of our School. To encourage and develop the underprivileged students and to make them a better student and a responsible citizen is what we focus at our school. We also aim

  • To make our students strong in spirituality with the self-discipline
  • To make responsible citizens for the society with social awareness, humanity, human rights, equality, brotherhood and patriotism.
  • To boost students’ individuality and leadership qualities through various trainings and seminars.

The primary aim of our school is to achieve all round development of the students. To make each child a complete personality with wholesome education. The school motto being “Arise and Shine”, every student will be taught how to progress in their academic social and physical development. We strongly believe that “learning with fun” will leave its imprint on the students forever. Our sincere effort in educating students is not only to inculcate in the young minds’ moral values to build good character, but also to, impart knowledge that would inspire them to grow as better and committed citizens of the country.